Evgenia Pirshina

Evgenia Pirshina


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Sinfonica. Where do you live?

Evgenia Pirshina. I live in Chicago.

S. You have recently sung the role of Maddalena in Verdi’s Rigoletto at the Solís Theater, and you have given a recital organized by the Association InterArte called “Alma Rusa” at the Vaz Ferreira Auditorium. What experience has meant for you the opportunity to sing in Montevideo?

EP. First of all I liked Montevideo a lot and especially the way local people accepted me and my art. It was great pleasure to colloborate with Uruguyan conductor Martin Jorge and pianist Carla Ferreira.
Also I absolutely loved the energy that was returning to me from the audience. Prooving once again Music has no boders.


S. I would ask you for a brief summary of your career. Also, what are your future plans and your main objectives in your career?  

EP. I started my musical education as pianist at the age of 6. Continued also as a singer and graduated Moscow State Pedagogical University. In 2006 I joined Stanislavsky and Nemirovich-Danchenko Moscow Academic Music Theater. I toured with the theater in Israel, China, the Netherlands and Italy. 
From 2016 I am a guest soloist of the Opera Panama where I performed mezzo-soprano roles in the productions of Verdi`s Macbeth, Puccini`s Madama Butterfly and others.
As a guest singer I performed in Qatar and Vatican. From 2018 had recitals in New York and Chicago with emphasis on Russian music.
My plans are to extend repertoire, to continue improoving vocal technic and to perform in the best opera houses around the World.


S.To your excellent voice you add a great acting capacity which makes you have a strong stage presence. Your way of incorporating and living the characters you play, allows the possibility to "transmit" them to the public in the most real and credible way possible. I ask you a reflection about it, and how did you achieve this characteristic in your training or formation as a singer.

EP. All I am transmitting from the stage are my life experience shown through the music I sing. When I am on stage I split in to two: the first one controls technical aspects while the second one flows with the music. 
Working with such stage directors as Alexander Titel, Peter Stein and Paul Curran gave me experience of stage acting. 
One of the important factors was my study of Isadora Duncan style dance also called Musical Movement. 
All those above in addition to natural stage presence give me feeling of freedom while on stage. 


S. Your recital “Alma Rusa” at the Vaz Ferreira Auditorium was really excellent. Russian composers played by a Russian singer: certainly, an ideal combination. Each Russian composer has its own characteristic, but if you had to express a concept about Russian music, how would you define it?

EP. Russian music was greatly influenced by sheer size of the country and diversity of cultures in it developed for thousand years. Long history of Russian melody begins from ritual folk songs and the sacred music of the Russian Orthodox Church that reflects deep emotions. It always finds special place in peoples hearts all over the World.


S. In that recital you chose, as encore, a song that your grandmother loved and you sang it a capella, without the piano accompaniment. After a second of emotion, remembering your grandmother, you sang it in an excellent way and with a deep feeling.

EP. With this song I feel deep connection to my roots. It is very important for me.


S. A question related to the previous question:
In my opinion, singers can be excellent but not everyone has "music in the voice." And I give an example: Pavarotti could sing without an orchestra and had music in his voice. With his single voice, with his musicality it seemed that he could sing without the orchestra. He had musicality incorporated naturally in his voice. And when you sang a capella that song your grandmother loved, you demonstrated that you have music in your voice.    

EP. Voice is the most unique instrument of all. It has limitless possibilities. There are lots of factores that influence human voice: physycal conditions, technical skills, intellect, musicality among others.  Singing is not just producing beautiful sounds. The most important is to reflect the meaning of music piece through the sound and soul. When all these factors combine, the Magic is born.


S. I would ask you for a concept, an analysis, about opera today.

EP. The Art of Opera reflects the World we live in today like any other form of Art. It is subjected to new technologies as well as faster pace of life. It has it`s advantages and disadvantages. On one hand it leads to very interesting director`s finds, on the other hand it contracts production time which affects emerssion to music material and characters. Opera is a combined art and puting all parts involved takes time. 


S. The character of Maddalena of Rigoletto, who you sang at the Solís Theater, is a role that doesn’t have long duration, she sings only in the last act, and Verdi didn’t assign arias of special brilliance for her. Instead we could appreciate your great vocal talent, the total demonstration of your excellent voice, in the recital you gave at the Vaz Ferreira Auditorium. 
Therefore I think it would be important that some of our main cultural institutions invite you, so that we have the possibility of listening you sing again. 

EP. It was absolutely great experience for me to sing in front of Uruguayan public and I am looking forward doing it again.


S. I thank you for a reflection about the talented compatriot pianist, Carla Ferreira, who also accompanied you to the piano at the recital.      

EP. She is a terrific musician and a pianist who is very sensitive to interpretations, to singers, which is rare among concertmasters. She is always very attentive and it is a great pleasure to work with her. We have special connection on and of stage. In fact, we became good friends  over last couple of years we know each other. 


S. Do you want to add something else?

EP. Thank you for this great inteview!

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